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From Opinion and Insights to the latest in technologies and news straight from the fields, here you will find information about the produce and work of our members and their innovation in U.S. farming, fishing and forestry.

Insights and Opinion

The U.S. Highlights Farmers’ Sustainability Focus 

When Cedric Porter, a journalist from the UK, visited Nebraska, he found a state committed to sustainable agriculture where standards far exceed those required by law. Most grain farmers have […]

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A U.S. Perspective on the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy

David Green, Executive Director of the U.S. Sustainability Alliance, discusses sustainable food systems, mirror clauses, and their meaning Through summer and the fall, U.S. farmers will harvest their crops, many […]

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Alaskan Fisherman Shannon Ford Ward on Five Generations of Commercial Fishing

We spoke to Shannon about her fishing heritage, the culture she is proud to be part of, and the industry practices that will help protect Alaska’s seafood bounty for the future.

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Doing What is Right on Earth Day and Every Day

Kevin Krentz, president of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, outlines the practices he uses to promote employee wellbeing, maintain soil health, reduce waste, and conserve natural resources.

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Latest Reports

Issues, Trends, Tools & Surprises – 2024

January 2024. Recent and upcoming trends and issues that affect the global food system, from extreme weather events to artificial intelligence and next-gen genetics.

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The 2023 U.S. Soy Sustainability Overview: Partners for a Better Tomorrow

January 2024. A look at the check-off funded partnerships helping U.S. soy farmers advance sustainability on the farm, across the food chain, and in other industries.

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2023 Annual Report: Defining California’s Rice Footprint

January 2024. An overview of the California rice industry’s work in 2023 in areas ranging from water quality and wildlife conservation to trade and policy.

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The State of Gender Equity in U.S. Agriculture

January 2024. A synthesis of research into gender equality in U.S. agriculture, from the barriers facing women farmers to proposed solutions to overcome them.

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Latest News Articles

Cultivating Healthy Soil and a Sustainable Future in Georgia

Ricky Dollison is a fourth-generation Black American farmer from Poulan in Worth County, Georgia. He is the proud owner of Dollison Farms, a 220-acre operation established by his grandfather almost […]

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Using Science to Build Better Trading Relationships

Dr. Chris Calkins, Professor Emeritus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, argues that strong, sustainable trading relationships are based on fact. The key is having a genuinely distinctive product and effectively […]

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The American Feed Industry Association Joins the USSA

The Animal Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has become the 26th member of the U.S. Sustainability Alliance (USSA). The world’s largest organization devoted to representing the business, legislative, and regulatory interests of […]

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Census of Agriculture: Use of Renewable Energy and No-Till Farming Rises

Since the release of the 2022 Census of Agriculture on 13 February (2024), analysts and industry watchers have pored over more than 600 data points about America’s farms and ranches. […]

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Policies and Regulations


Whilst the USSA members work to exceed regulatory requirement, U.S. laws and regulations provide a robust framework, developed over many years, to ensure and promote the sustainability of its crop, livestock, seafood and forestry sectors. The policies look to immediate impacts on the environment and beyond to cover topics from employment to biodiversity to endangered species. The following pages provide context and an introduction to key federal legislation.



Focused on conservation and environmental stewardship, the USDA, working with The Natural Resources Conservation Service on technical assessment and the Farm Service Agency for enforcements, uses grant management to deliver best practice. A particular focus is on erodible lands and wetlands, with ‘sodbuster’ and ‘swampbuster’ rules, requires presentation of conservation strategies prior to conversion of lands to agricultural use. One result, that soil loss has been halved since 1982.



The U.S. recognizes that sustainability has many facets and action is required in explicit areas. This has resulted in the enactment of a wide range of laws from the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act to the Endangered Species Act, to research and regulatory action on Insecticides and Fungicides and Rodenticide Act; and, with the Lacey Act a focus on illegal trafficking of plants, fish and animals.


Latest Podcasts


In the latest episode of This is U.S. Sustainability, we hear from two multi-generational farmers – an eleventh-generation grains farmer from Maryland and the owner of a centennial cattle farm in Louisiana – about how they have moved with the times while staying true to their roots. We cover rotational grazing, no-till cultivation, water conservation, biotech seeds, and more. And we discuss why going back to the natural cycle is sometimes the best approach.


Tune in to the latest episode of This is U.S. Sustainability to hear how Paul Catanzaro and Professor Tony D’Amato work together to reach family forest owners and ensure they have the information and resources to make the right decisions about their land. And learn about the vital role Tim Stout, a Vermont landowner, plays in amplifying their message.


Tune in for the lowdown on the innovative, often surprising ways the almond industry and the wider food sector are reducing waste. Jet fuel, beer, water filters and peat moss to grow mushrooms – these are just some of the many applications in use and under development.

Recent Videos

American Lobster Harvesting & Sustainability

Hear directly from noted seafood chef and author Barton Seaver about the sustainability of the American lobster industry.

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L&HCA Documentary Series Establishes Leather as a Sustainable Material

The new Rewind documentary series from Real Leather Stay Different. aims to provide some balance in the debate about the use of our land, fast fashion and our future.

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USMEF Sustainability Video

This video highlights the emphasis on sustainability by the U.S. beef industry. Watch this story of beef farmers’ and ranchers’ multi-generational commitment to the environment with buyers and consumers around the world.

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