A Century of American Sustainability

For more than 100 years, there has been an ongoing commitment to U.S. sustainability through conservation programs and practices that protect natural resources.

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From Jet Fuel to Beer: New USSA Podcast Uncovers Innovative Uses for Food Waste

The latest episode of This is U.S. Sustainability, the U.S. Sustainability Alliance podcast, is now available to download. Tune in to hear how the almond industry and the wider food sector are reducing waste by finding productive uses for parts of the plant and leftover ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. Jet fuel, beer, and bioplastics are just some of the many applications we’ll be talking about. Read more about what to expect.

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Welcomes New Member Ralph Lauren

Luxury brand Ralph Lauren has joined the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, signaling its commitment to sourcing sustainable U.S. cotton. The company’s membership supports its Timeless by Design strategy to have a lasting, positive impact on the planet and the communities it serves. Read more about Ralph Lauren’s sustainable cotton goals.

$8 Million in USDA Funding Will Expand Soil Carbon Monitoring

Soil carbon monitoring is set to receive an $8 million boost under plans from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to expand carbon monitoring in soil on working agricultural lands and assess how climate-smart practices affect carbon sequestration. This investment reflects how essential soil health management is to USDA’s strategy for climate-smart agriculture. Read more. 

Featured Sustainability Articles

Articles from the USSA, representing U.S. agriculture and other organizations committed to sustainable practices.

sustainable practices

Sustainable Practices

U.S. farm conservation programs, such as USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program, are making an increasingly positive impact on sustainable farming practices while protecting the environment.

sustainability insight

Insight & Opinion

Research shows that consumers want to know where and how their food is grown, and they believe that their food purchases have an impact on the environment. American peanut farmers have a compelling story that will resonate with them, says Eric Coronel, Director of Sustainability at The American Peanut Council. And a new grower initiative will help ensure they have the data to support it. Read Eric’s article about the sustainability of U.S. peanuts.

U.S. conservation practices

Sustainability Spotlight

Read 10 facts about U.S. sustainable practices to learn how the U.S. has been practicing conservation and sustainability long before they became the issues they are today.

Sustainability Fact Sheets

American farmers, fishermen and foresters are dedicated to sustainability – continually improving effective sustainable practices and responsible conservation programs. Read these fact sheets to learn more about how they grow, harvest, and produce sustainably.

This month’s featured American Sustainability Success Story:
U.S. Rice.

The U.S. rice industry has shown outstanding accomplishments in the past 36 years across the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) including key environmental resource markers: land use and soil conservation; water use and quality; energy use and air quality; and biodiversity. Details.

The U.S. Sustainability Alliance is a group of farmers, fishermen and foresters who together explore and share their values and successful experiences regarding U.S. sustainability and conservation programs and practices.