A Century of American Sustainability

For more than 100 years, there has been an ongoing commitment to U.S. sustainability through conservation programs and practices that protect natural resources.

Latest Sustainability News

Read the latest sustainability news, covering sustainable practices, policies and programs.

USDA Reiterates Commitment to Climate Action at UN Climate Summit

USDA partnerships and initiatives will put agriculture, forestry and rural communities at the heart of global solutions to the climate crisis…

Latest USSA Podcast Takes Deep Dive into Water Conservation

We speak to an Arkansas rice farmer who describes his pioneering approach to irrigation, and we hear from a California almond grower who has implemented no fewer than 5 water-saving practices…

U.S. and EU Agree to Collaborate on Sustainable Agriculture

The U.S. and EU have created a new transatlantic cooperation on agriculture to address the global challenges of sustainability and climate change…

Featured Sustainability Articles

Articles from the USSA, representing U.S. agriculture and other organizations committed to sustainable practices.

sustainable practices

Sustainable Practices

U.S. farm conservation programs, such as USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program, are making an increasingly positive impact on sustainable farming practices while protecting the environment.

sustainability insight

Insight & Opinion

“The Answer Lies in the Soil”: Conserving and building the fertility of our soils is perhaps the biggest challenge for today’s agriculture. USSA’s David Green explains how American farmers are rising to the challenge.

U.S. conservation practices

Sustainability Spotlight

Read 10 facts about U.S. sustainable practices to learn how the U.S. has been practicing conservation and sustainability long before they became the issues they are today.

Sustainability Fact Sheets

American farmers, fishermen and foresters are dedicated to sustainability – continually improving effective sustainable practices and responsible conservation programs. Read these fact sheets to learn more about how they grow, harvest, and produce sustainably.

This month’s featured American Sustainability Success Story:
U.S. poultry and eggs.

The heritage of the family farm and the importance of the land have allowed the U.S. poultry and egg industries to take the lead in the development of sustainable practices as a core principle to maintain a safe and secure food supply. Details.

The U.S. Sustainability Alliance is a group of farmers, fishermen and foresters who together explore and share their values and successful experiences regarding U.S. sustainability and conservation programs and practices.