Sustainable U.S. soy featured prominently at Economist Impact’s 9th annual Sustainability Week in London, which was sponsored by The U.S. Soybean Export Council. Meagan Kaiser, a soybean farmer and soil scientist, participated in a panel discussion on regenerative agriculture with experts from BASF, McCain Foods, Heineken Group, and the Soil Association.

During the discussion, Meagan shared her understanding of regenerative agriculture, her motivation for using regenerative practices, and the importance and challenge of measuring the benefits.

“Everybody can benefit from regenerative agriculture,” she said. “However, we still have to measure it and be able to say, ‘I measured this, I put this on and I took this off. I measured again, and it made sense.’ And that’s when farmers can engage and know they can make a difference.”

Another important message to emerge from the discussion is that one size does not fit all, so there can be no rigid criteria for farmers to be considered “regenerative.” Melanie Bausen-Wiens, Senior Vice President, Regulatory, Sustainability & Public Affairs Agricultural Solutions, BASF, made the point that the climate and regional conditions in the fields are very different depending on the country or region. She said, “One practice might work in a certain environment but it might not work in the other, and that’s why you need a full toolbox. It can’t be too prescriptive.”

Gain more insights by tuning in to a recording of the discussion, which covers topics such as the role of technology in regenerative agriculture, ways to incentivize farmer adoption, and the benefits for biodiversity.