USSA Farmer Spotlight: Tim Keegan on No-Till Farming Practices and Precision Ag

By April 20, 2020September 16th, 2020Blog
No-Till Farming

Iowa maize, soybean and cow/calf farmer Tim Keegan is a strong advocate of no-till farming practices and precision farming tools, which he uses to increase efficiencies while protecting the land.

No-till is used by around 30% to 40% of producers in the United States, according to Tim, and it’s something he’s keen to increase on his farm: “We’ve had great success doing this and I believe it’s the best thing we can do for our soils in the long term.”

Tim also favors variable rate planting, which applies the right amount of seed according to management zones and the type of soil – all powered by technology and an autosteer tractor.  This increases accuracy and has been shown to boost productivity by addressing field variability.

See Tim in action as he plants no-till soybeans and shares what precision farming technology means for him:

Featured with kind permission from the Global Farmer Network
No-till planter image courtesy of United Soybean Board, on Flickr

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