NASA Harvest and CropX Partner to Advance Sustainable Ag

By March 25, 2021April 5th, 2021News Posts

A new NASA Harvest and CropX partnership will provide farmers and industry experts with unprecedented insights to farm more sustainably by conserving resources and improving crop yields. Together, NASA’s network of Earth-observing satellites and CropX’s soil data monitoring and analytics will deliver critical data and information to support science-driven decision making.

CropX“Soil health and nutrient management is at the very root of food security and sustainable agriculture concerns – an accurate understanding of what is actually happening underneath the ground is essential,” noted Nadav Liebermann, CropX chief technology officer.

“We are in a constant race to produce and supply enough food in order to feed a rapidly growing global population, with finite land and natural resources,” added Inbal Becker-Reshef, program director of NASA Harvest. “We were impressed by the accuracy and reliability with which the CropX soil monitoring platform was able to both pinpoint various soil health and environmental challenges, as well as determine opportunities for water, energy and nutrient conservation.”

NASA has deployed CropX solutions on alfalfa farms in Arizona, to test and fine-tune the algorithms that will become the foundation of nationwide, and eventually global, agriculture insights.

Read the press release.

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