Hardwick Planting Company, Louisiana, is the first cotton farm in the United States to be certified by regenagri, an international agriculture initiative, and the first to join Citizens of Humanity Group’s regenerative farming program. The multi-generation farm in Tensas Parish will supply cotton for the brand’s premium denim labels using regenerative practices. These include minimum tillage, cover cropping, crop rotation, afforestation, and natural buffer zones, which are known to boost carbon sequestration, increase biodiversity, and improve soil health. Hardwick Planting Company will also work closely with Citizens of Humanity Group and regenagri to ensure continuous improvement of its regenerative approach.

Jay Hardwick of Hardwick Planting Company describes the partnership as a “paradigm shift in the traditional cotton value chain”. Typically, the farmer who produces the cotton and the customer who buys the finished garment rarely interact, but the Citizens of Humanity Group’s regenerative farming program changes that.

“Our partnership with Citizens of Humanity Group creates an ‘express line’ in the cotton value chain from the farmer to the customer,” said Jay.

He continued, “Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in how cotton is grown and how purchasing cotton garments can make a positive contribution to society and the welfare of the planet. Hardwick Planting Co. shares those interests and is committed to growing cotton that meets or exceeds their expectations while supporting Citizens of Humanity Group’s demand for sustainable cotton.”

Amy Williams, Citizens of Humanity Group CEO, added, “We are committed to practices and programs that reduce our carbon footprint and are sustainable in every sense of the word. We are incredibly proud to support the Hardwick Family and other U.S. cotton farmers by investing in programs that will improve the health of our soil, our planet, and the people who inhabit it.”