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Farmers and NGO join forces for the good of planet, productivity and profit

By November 16, 2018December 9th, 2018News Posts

A U.S. environmental NGO and the country’s corn farmers are to work together to help reduce environmental footprints while increasing productivity and profitability.

This week, the not-for-profit Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and crop association the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) agreed a new “one of a kind” partnership that will help farmers do what is best for the environment and for their business.  The partnership will see the two organizations formalize the work that they have already been doing to address one of the most pressing issues for agriculture today: how to improve productivity and minimize environmental impact.

Suzy Friedman, EDF’s senior director of agricultural sustainability said, “EDF and NCGA have worked together for many years to align economic incentives and environmental outcomes. Formalizing our partnership was a natural next step to accelerate progress toward our shared goals.”

Nathan Fields, vice president of production and sustainability at NCGA added, “The public expects greater stewardship and transparency from farmers, and it’s critical for the agricultural sector to show leadership on conservation.  EDF and NCGA […] have different expertise and perspectives, and combining them is a real opportunity.”

Working in close collaboration, EDF and NCGA will address high priority goals such as soil health, water quality, climate stability, yield resilience, habitat for at-risk species and economic viability for farmers.  This will include increasing the use of technology to track progress and inform decision-making, educating farmers on best tools and conservation practices, and working with traditional financial institutions to explore how farmers can benefit economically from conservation practices such as cover crops and conservation tillage.

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