American Agricultural Sustainability

By July 12, 2017News Posts

Eighty-seven percent of U.S. farmers and ranchers believe they meet the sustainability needs of their customer, according to a nation-wide survey published in Agriculture in America Sustainability.

The survey and report from the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance describes the progress farmers and ranchers are making to better protect natural resources while efficiently producing food in a sustainable manner.

The survey showed that farmers and ranchers said “soil care” was the most significant change in their operation over the last ten years that has allowed them to have more of a positive impact environmentally.

No till/reduced tillage – conservation methods that help soil improvements – also ranked well.  The adoption of “new technology and equipment” was the main driver over the past ten years that permitted them to implement changes that have environmental benefits.

The report, which includes agricultural sustainability metrics for soybeans, corn, dairy, poultry & eggs, beef, pork, cotton and sugar beets, highlights examples of sustainable practices happening on farms and ranches across the nation.  It also outlines the challenge we are facing in defining what it means to grow and produce food sustainably.

The report presents the findings of a March 2017 survey in which farmers and ranchers from across the United States – representing both crop and livestock production – were surveyed to obtain their perceptions regarding environmental sustainability and agricultural practices.

According to the report’s findings, farmers and ranchers are focused on agricultural sustainability, but believe their customers, including those in the food industry, have little understanding of how their practices affect sustainable food production.

Read the report.