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New USSA Podcast Debunks Common Myths About U.S. Ag and Food Production

By September 22, 2021News Posts, Perspectives
USSA podcast

A new podcast series from The U.S. Sustainability Alliance aims to debunk some of the most common myths and misperceptions about U.S. agriculture and food production, by talking to the people who know best.

U.S. agriculture

USSA’s “This Is U.S. Sustainability” podcast will debunk common myths and misperceptions about U.S. agriculture and food production.

Through interviews with the farmers and fishermen responsible for growing and catching our food, This is U.S. Sustainability will provide the inside track on issues ranging from animal welfare to the role of technology and innovation in feeding a growing world population.

Episode one, available now, focuses on family farms, which make up 98% of U.S farms. Interviewees include Jay Hardwick, a third-generation farmer who’s in the process of handing over the reins to his sons, and native Alaskan Bill Thomas who has been a commercial fisherman for 52 years.

Future episodes will focus on topics such as animal welfare and technology and innovation, featuring guests such as Tina Hinchley, a dairy farmer from Cambridge, Wisconsin, whose barn offers the ultimate in cow comfort, and Monte Peterson, a fourth-generation soybean farmer from North Dakota who has increased sustainability on his farm by using GMOs.

Find out more about the reality of U.S. agriculture and food production. Subscribe now on your favorite podcast app (search for This is U.S. Sustainability).

Listen here on Apple, or Spotify.


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