The U.S. Department of Agriculture has launched its Science and Research Strategy – a three-year vision for transforming U.S. agriculture through science and innovation. The strategy is USDA’s “answer to how research and innovative technologies can advance agricultural production while simultaneously tackling the world’s greatest challenges.” These include climate change, emerging pests and diseases that threaten agricultural producers, and food and nutrition security, with nearly 2 billion more mouths to feed over the next 25 years.

“We know that scientific innovation can enable new, cost-effective solutions for addressing some of our most daunting challenges,” said Secretary Vilsack. “This is a forward-looking Strategy that aligns with USDA’s strategic priorities and allows us to make significant advances in food, agriculture, and natural resource sectors,” said Secretary Vilsack.

“In my lifetime, American farm sector labor productivity has improved by 17 times largely due to advancements in technology and innovation that enable farmers to produce more output with less input. Now, we can use research, data, and technology to create new opportunities throughout agriculture and forestry systems, to support rural communities and emerging urban agriculture opportunities.”

The Strategy’s five science and research priorities include:

  1. Accelerating Innovative Technologies & Practices
  2. Driving Climate-Smart Solutions
  3. Bolstering Nutrition Security & Health
  4. Cultivating Resilient Ecosystems
  5. Translating Research into Action