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U.S. Sustainability Alliance and USDA Under Secretary Scuse at Expo 2015

By October 27, 2015November 8th, 2019News Posts

David Green at USA Pavilion during the U.S. Sustainability Alliance event.

Rai Expo published the video interview of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Under Secretary Michael Scuse and U.S. Sustainability Alliance Director David Green at the USA Pavilion during the U.S. Sustainability Alliance event. The Facebook page of specialized magazine AcomeAgricoltura posted a long wrap-up teaser on Under Secretary Scuse’s program at the Expo.

The complete article will be published in the December issue of the magazine. The teaser quoted Under Secretary Scuse: “The cultural preferences of some consumers in wealthy nations shouldn’t impede access to safe and affordable foods by people in poorer nations or limit the ability of their trading partners to export agricultural products that the science says is safe.” Under headline “Big Data And Robotics: The Future Of USA Agriculture” online media outlet TopTrade Informatica published an article on the USDA Under Secretary’s event at the USA Pavilion focusing on the role of big data, robotics and innovation in the future of USA agriculture.

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