U.S. Firms are Cream of the Crop in World Economic Forum Tech Pioneers 2019

By July 1, 2019September 29th, 2019News Posts

World Economic ForumU.S. food and agricultural innovators were among those honored by The World Economic Forum in its Technology Pioneers of the Year, which showcases technology start-ups from around the world that are using novel technologies to “transform their industries.” More than half of the 56 companies recognized hail from North America, with U.S. innovators enjoying particular success in the area of Food Security and Agriculture with:

  • Full Harvest: the first B2B marketplace for imperfect and surplus produce
  • ImpactVision: hyperspectral imaging software for detecting food quality and reducing waste
  • Inari Agriculture: a seed pioneer using CRISPR gene-editing technology to produce healthier crops more sustainably

Other sustainability-focused agtech pioneers include Hong Kong’s Alesca Life, a specialist in indoor vertical farming and crop management solutions that allow hotels, restaurants and even private homes to produce their own food using up to 25 times less water and land than traditional farming methods.

Fulvia Montresor, Head of Technology Pioneers at the Forum, said, “Our new tech pioneers are at the cutting edge of many industries, using their innovations to address serious issues around the world. This year’s pioneers know that technology is about more than innovation – it is also about application. This is why we believe they’ll shape the future.”

As well as being recognized for their work, the Technology Pioneers are invited to participate in a two-year program with the Forum, when they have the opportunity to collaborate with their emerging tech peers, engage with industry leaders and work with public and private experts around the world.

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