Takes Top Honors in Field to Market Sustainability Leadership Awards 

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and Cotton Incorporated have received top honors in Field to Market’s 2023 Sustainability Leadership Awards. Their Collaborating for a Smarter Cotton Future Project was named Collaboration of the Year, recognizing their outstanding cross-sector partnership in advancing the continuous improvement of cotton sustainability.

The Collaborating for a Smarter Cotton Future Project is a cotton production assessment system established by U.S. cotton producers and industry organizations. It helps U.S. cotton producers assess and verify their current production practices and measure their progress toward long-term sustainability goals.

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture® says that the project’s award success acknowledges the acres of producers enrolled in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol – which currently stands at 1.6 million acres (or 0.65 million hectares) – a 25% increase on the previous year. It also recognizes the “collaborators’ work to assist producers in improving their environmental outcomes and marketing sustainable cotton across the industry.”

Other winners in the Field to Market Sustainability Leadership Awards include Wisconsin dairy farmer Jim Winn, named Farmer of the Year for his outstanding conservation efforts on his farm and leadership in advancing sustainable agriculture. Mark Lefebvre, Conservation Planning Team Manager, Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District, was recognized as the 2023 Adviser of the Year for his excellent leadership in supporting farmers’ journeys of continuous improvement.

The winners of Field to Market’s Sustainability Leadership Awards are selected by the Alliance’s Education and Outreach Committee. Each recipient demonstrates leadership in continuous improvement, resulting in measurable results and a significant impact on agriculture and the environment.