The Rice Foundation Charts Three Decades of U.S. Rice Sustainability

By May 13, 2019May 22nd, 2019News Posts

A new report from The Rice Foundation charts U.S. rice’s longstanding commitment to sustainability over the past 36 years.

riceThe U.S. Rice Industry Sustainability Report outlines how the rice industry has made great strides, socially, economically and environmentally – a result of measures including sophisticated land conservation techniques and technology innovations. Its greatest achievement, however, is increasing crop yields while reducing its impact on the environment.

Other environmental accomplishments include:

  • 39 percent increase in land use efficiency
  • 52 percent reduction in water use
  • 41 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per cwt rice produced
  • $3.4 billion worth of winter habitat provided by flooded rice fields to over 50 percent of North America’s ducks and waterfowl

Dr Steve Linscombe, director of The Rice Foundation, says that the rice industry is invested in using sustainable practices because it is “personal”, as rice farmers often live on the land they work.

He continues, “Our stewardship is deliberate, ensuring a healthy, safe food supply, while improving the environment, and contributing to the local economy.”

As for the future, the rice industry’s intention is to continue “leading the world in on-farm production efficiencies, environmental improvements, wildlife preservation, and food safety”.

Read the full report here.