Technological Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

By May 31, 2016October 4th, 2016News Posts

The European Parliament at its meeting in Strasbourg on June 6 will review a resolution aimed at finding technological solutions for sustainable agriculture. The report states that technological innovation is a vital part of the solution. Agricultural technologies, in particular, have the potential to make farming more productive and more sustainable. Farmers recognize and appreciate this.

The report states that creating a regulatory environment which is more innovation-friendly and ensuring that EU regulations do not act as barriers to innovation is also very important. Without a supportive regulatory regime, European industry will relocate to more dynamic markets. All too often, EU legislation places restrictions on products and technologies without adequate evidence of risk. EU legislation must be evidence-based in order to encourage innovation.

See here for an Explanatory Statement from the report’s chairman, Ms. Anthea McIntyre, Member of the European Parliament.

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