Tune in to the latest episode of USSA’s podcast featuring two farming families on the frontline of Louisiana agriculture. Regenerative agriculture, the sustainability benefits of tighty-whities, and restoring black bear habitat are just some of the topics they discuss.

Guests include Matt and Marty Frey of Four Oaks Farm who, together with their families, grow soybeans, rice, and sugarcane, raise cattle, produce hay, and harvest crawfish. They share their experience running a diverse, 365-day-a-year operation and outline their plans to put U.S. agriculture on the tourist map. We also catch up with fourth-generation cotton and soybean farmers Mead and Marshall Hardwick, whom we interviewed on the launch episode of the USSA podcast almost two years ago.  The brothers from Newellton, northeast Louisiana chat about certification and their regenerative cotton partnership with a top fashion brand.

Listen here.