Leather and Hide Council of America

Formed by the 2020 merger of the U.S. Hide, Skin and Leather Association and Leather Industries of America, the Leather and Hide Council of America (L&HCA) is a full-service industry trade association representing the entire U.S. leather supply chain, including meatpackers, hides and skins processors, traders, leather tanners, finished leather goods producers, footwear companies, chemical suppliers, machinery producers, trade media and market reporters, freight forwarders, transportation service providers, financial institutions and more. The association provides its members with government, public relations, and international trade assistance and support. L&HCA is a cooperator organization under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s foreign market development programs, assisting U.S. firms develop new markets for U.S. agricultural exports. L&HCA is at the forefront of the industry’s needs, providing members with education and technical information to compete in today’s global marketplace.

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