THE MAGNUSON-STEVENS FISHERIES MANAGEMENT & CONSERVATION ACT: was first adopted in 1976 in order to establish and manage domestic fisheries with a focus on efficiency and economic growth.

THE MARINE MAMMAL PROTECTION ACT: sets forth a national policy to protect all marine mammal species and their habitats in an effort to maintain sustainable populations.

CLEAN WATER ACT: regulates pollutant discharges into Waters of the United States (WOTUS), and affects some agricultural operations, such as large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and, in some circumstances, farms that dredge or fill wetlands.

ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT: protects both animals and their habitats when they are in danger of extinction. Regulating habitats sometimes has significant effects on industries in the area, including agriculture and forestry.

THE LACEY ACT: combats trafficking in “illegal” wildlife, fish, and plants, including wood products.

U.S. FOOD SAFETY LAWS: Including the Food Safety and Inspection Service regulations.