Creates Level Playing Field for Global On-Farm Sustainability

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture™ has achieved the highest level of equivalence against SAI Platform’s FSA 3.0 (Farm Sustainability Assessment), a global tool for food and drink businesses to assess, improve, and validate on-farm sustainability in their supply chains. This update strengthens Field to Market and SAI Platform’s Equivalency Agreement, making it easier for farmers using Field to Market’s Fieldprint platform to meet FSA’s criteria and demonstrate sustainability in global markets.

Field to Market says that Fieldprint users can look forward to a streamlined process and closer alignment with “a global verification framework and benchmark reference for many sustainable farming schemes.”

To achieve FSA Bronze, Silver and, now, Gold Level Equivalence, farmers will need to complete Field to Market’s Fieldprint Platform and answer up to 22 questions on topics including farm management & community, health & safety, crop protection, nutrient management, and biodiversity.

Commenting on Field to Market’s continued collaboration with FSA, Field to Market President Scott Herndon said, “It is exciting to bring an updated equivalence level to the Fieldprint Platform, enhancing the sustainability assessment tools available to members interested in reporting on their global supply chains. U.S. farmers who are able to demonstrate improvement in operations’ sustainability through our outcomes-based metrics gain additional value through the enhanced recognition in global markets offered through SAI Platform’s FSA program.”