Want to know what’s really going on in U.S. farming and food production?

US sustainability podcastTune in to “This Is U.S. Sustainability” where we debunk some of the most common myths and misperceptions about U.S. agriculture, farming and food production — by talking to the people who know best.

Through interviews with the farmers and fishermen responsible for growing and catching our food, we provide the inside track on issues ranging from animal welfare to the role of technology and innovation in feeding a growing world population.

Episode 1: Family Farms, featuring 4th Generation Cotton Farmers and an Alaskan Fisherman

USSA podcastIn Episode 1 of the series, we focus on America’s family farms, which make up 98% of all farms in the United States.

We hear from Jay Hardwick, a cotton farmer from Louisiana who’s in the process of handing over the reins to his sons – the fourth generation, and native Alaskan Bill Thomas who has been a commercial fisherman for 52 years, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, his great uncles and his uncles before him.

And we talk about the importance of leaving the land in better shape for the next generation and learning about responsible fisheries management in Alaska, where sustainability has been part of the State Constitution since 1959.

Read the Show Notes from episode 1 (pdf).

Episode 2: Animal Welfare

sustainability podcastJust because the U.S. does things differently doesn’t mean that its animal care practices aren’t as robust as more regulated countries, as our experts explain.

We also have a real-life example of animal care in action – a dairy farm offering the ultimate in cow comfort, from waterbed mattresses to a milking robot.

Listen now to hear from:

  • Tina Hinchley, a dairy farmer from Cambridge, Wisconsin
  • Cheyenne McEndaffer from the U.S. Meat Export Federation, and a former food safety animal welfare officer
  • Tiffany Lee, Director of Animal Care and Compliance at Clemens Food Group, a pork production company, and a trained veterinarian

Here’s a sneak preview.

Read the Show Notes from episode 2 (pdf).

Future episodes will focus on topics such as ag technology and innovation, featuring guests such as Monte Peterson, a fourth-generation soybean farmer from North Dakota who has increased sustainability on his farm by using GMOs.

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