Unfavourable Conservation Status for Majority of Europe’s Species

By June 9, 2015 September 10th, 2015 News Posts

Nature policy works when implemented well. The health of our natural environment is a key component of our health and wealth, but our recent assessments show that the majority of habitats and species in Europe have an unfavourable conservation status despite significant improvements for many species in recent years. The results are mixed, but clear. When implemented well, conservation measures work and improve the status of habitats and species on the ground.

Nevertheless, improvements remain limited and patchy, and, unfortunately, Europe’s biodiversity is still eroding and the pressures continue. Under the habitats directive reporting, 77 per cent of habitats and 60 per cent of species assessments are unfavourable while only 16 per cent of habitats and 23 per cent of species assessments are favourable. Read more.